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2nd Thursdays at 7PM @ Andrew Jackson Middle School

2nd Thursdays at 7:30PM in March, June, and December

2nd Thursday at 7:30PM in September

2019 Meeting Calendar
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May 9
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Dec 12

All meetings will be held at Andrew Jackson Middle School
(Unless announced otherwise)

(Contact Douglas Norris at Allied Realty at 301-656-8600 or to confirm the Board Of Directors Meetings)

All Homeowners and Residents . . .
Particularly Garage Units — In Maryland, a vehicle cannot partially/fully block the sidewalk, once it is blocking the sidewalk it is no longer considered on private property. It can be fined $50.00 each time it is cited and it can also be towed; Also The night before and day of Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day) there will be no towing, unless, it is requested by the homeowner because of a particular matter at hand. Also, in Maryland homes along the county street (such as Hil Mar, Regency) homeowners are required to shovel snow off the walkway in front of their home or you can be fined $100 per PGC inspectors.


When Reporting Criminal or Suspicious Activity to the Police Please do the Following:

Call 911 immediately and report what you have seen. Give a full description.
You do not have to leave your name but definitely report what you saw.
Do not call your Board of Directors because the information to be relayed will be too late for Police to take appropriate action. Call the Police first and report it.
The Prince George’s County Police Department Needs Your Help:

You are the “Eyes and Ears” of the Community.

The Police works for You! They do the Enforcement and They are Your Muscle

If you see suspicious activity, including youth using drugs or youth engaging in sex in parked vehicles report it.
Anything you see that is a problem report it to the Police.   By not saying anything or remaining silent only aid criminal behavior.    With this partnership with the Police Department we will be able to deter criminal behavior in our community.

Be Smart When Observing What You See:
Never approach a stranger you suspect of being dangerous or who may pose a threat.
From a “Safe Distance” get a good description of the suspect (this is important to the Police).
Be careful if you take a picture of the suspect (stay at a safe distant from the suspect).
Keep an eye on your neighbors property.
For emergencies call 911

Other Police Numbers to Call: District III Police Station (301) 772-4901 and (301) 352-1200
Crime Solvers – 1-800-411-TIPS (8477)

As a reminder, the Board of Directors continues to encourage all residents to do the following:
Secure (lock) all windows and doors.

Invest and install security windows and doors.

Make sure your alarm system is on.

Keep front and back porch lights on.

Keep valuables out of vehicles.

Keep vehicles locked.

We ask all residents to continue to remain vigilant in reporting suspicious and illegal activities to the Police immediately by dialing 911.

Thank You for your Cooperation
Crowne Meadows Board of Directors and Allied Realty