Welcome Homeowners and Tenants


You have chosen to live in the premier community of Regency Towns – Crowne Meadows. Ours is a neighborhood that has appreciated handsomely over the years and as a group, we would like to keep that trend going. As an owner or a tenant, you play a vital role in helping to maintain home values in our community.

Owners are assessed monthly homeowner association dues that pay for community utilities, common area maintenance, snow removal, community taxes, and several other vital services. Please pay your dues promptly each month to avoid collection costs. Tenants are encouraged to be good custodians of the property loaned to you, and to abide by Crowne Meadows’ Rules and Regulations.

Exterior Alterations
Owners, an Exterior Alteration Application must be submitted when changes are made to the outside of your home. Changes or improvements that warrant the use of this form include: painting the exterior of your home, replacing or installing new fences, exterior doors, and light fixtures, landscaping and any work to be performed by a contractor to change, alter or repair the exterior appearance of your home (keeping in the parameters of the CM Bylaws and Architectural Guidelines)

These requests for exterior changes or additions must be made in writing, using the Exterior Alteration Application, available here on the website or from Allied Realty Corp. our Property Management Company, 7605 Arlington Road, Suite 100. Bethesda, Maryland 20814 – 301-656-8600.

All requests must include detailed specifications, drawings, swatches, or other relevant paperwork. Our Architectural Standards Committee will investigate your request(s) and notify you of its decision. Save yourself time and money and do not make any exterior alterations or additions until you have received written approval.

Crowne Meadows Board of Directors & Allied Realty Corp.